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How To Become A YouTube Star

YouTube is catapulting people into stardom overnite. The people that are becoming video blog stars aren't like Brad Pitt, Britney Spears, or Scarlett Johansson but normal joes and janes like you and me. With the number of vidoes and vloggers on YouTube one can't help but wonder how on earth these people stand out. After sifting through tons of popular videos on YouTube I've gleaned some insight on how to become famous on YouTube. Here are my obervations:

  • Have something interesting to say. It doesn't need to be sane or even intelligible but have something interesting to say. It can be anything from juicy gossip, personal insights, trash talking or drunken babble but if its boring then it won't be viewed.

  • Have a skill to show off. The most common of which is music skills. I've seen some great guitarists on YouTube and some killer singers.

  • Stupid tricks are always a great way to become famous on YouTube. The more painful the better!

  • Be yourself, one of the main things that people want to see is a good character.

  • Sex appeal is one of the oldest skills ever marketed.

  • Funny = Famous

  • Comment on other YouTube stars, and remember to talk alot of trash.

These should get you going on your way to YouTube stardom, don't forget the little guy once you've made it as a famous video blogger!
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